Ti piace Hitchcock? (2005)

Giulio (Elio Germano) is a film student that frequents a video store and has an apartment filled with movie posters and yearns to discuss film with anyone he meets and no, I’m not triggered, why do you ask?

One day at the store, he notices Federica Lalli (Chiara Conti) and Sasha Zerboni (Elisabetta Rocchetti) both trying to rent Strangers On a Train. The next day, he reads that Sasha’s rich mother has been killed, which he remarks to his girlfriend Arianna (Cristina Brondo) seems way too close to the plot of that Hitchcock film. He now feels like it’s only a matter of time before Federica has to kill someone for Sasha, so he starts watching her. The only problem? She’s watching him too.

While watching Federica and her boss argue over him blackmailing her — just like Marnie –Guilio falls and breaks his ankle, which is an inversion of Rear Window. That night, Arianna comes over only to have to hear about a new theory: Federica is going to have Sasha to kill her boss. She leaves in anger.

The plan is revealed when the video store owner visits our injured hero and tries to drown him. He’s saved by his mother’s new fiancee and the would-be killer runs into traffic before he’s struck by a car. It turns out that Sasha had hired him to kill her mother.

It should all be over but as Guilio and Arianna start to kiss, she’s the one that notices something strange. This story is far from over because there’s still a reference to Vertigo that needs to be made.

Directed by Dario Argento, who co-wrote the script with Franco Ferrini (PhenomenaOperaEyes of CrystalDark Glasses), Do You Like Hitchcock? is a TV movie that takes a long time to get anywhere yet does have some moments worth watching. I loved the ending and the final but of voyeurism as a woman realizes she’s being watched and just turns her head and attention to the giallo novel she’s reading.

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