The Blazing Temple (1976)

Part of the same cinematic universe as The 18 Bronzemen and Return of the 18 BronzemenThe Blazing Temple finds the temple, well, burning. Set ablaze by Emperor Yong Zheng, the 106 surviving Shaolin make a vow to enter the imperial palace and get their revenge.

Despite the fact that General Kim is firing cannons into the temple, the same rules apply: no one can leave unless they face the 18 Bronzemen. One abbott realizes that he’s dooming his students, so he opens another way to escape and gives abbot gives the 18 styles of kung fu to Siu (Carter Wong), then dies.

The burning of the temple is often discussed in these movies but now you get to see it. While not the best martial arts movie I’ve seen, Joseph Kuo is a fine director and this is worth watching to see Wong in a lead role.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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