Cruise Into Terror (1978)

Originally airing on February 3, 1978 on ABC, this movie has quite the cast: Dirk Benedict (who would appear on the network’s Battlestar Galactica the same year), Frank Converse (who was also in 1981’s Rankin-Bass movie, which was distributed by Aquarius Releasing, The Bushido Blade opposite an all-star cast that included Sonny Chiba, James Earl Jones, Mako, Toshiro Mifune and Laura Gemser), John Forsythe (Dynasty), Christopher George (Enter the Ninja), Lynda Day George (Pieces), Lee Meriwether (The Catwoman after Earth Kitt), Ray Milland (X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes), Hugh O’Brian (Ten Little Indians), Stella Stevens (The Manitou)Roger E. Mosley (Magnum P.I.) and Marshall Thompson (First Man Into Space).

It has what you expect on a cruise to terror: a ship brings aboard a sunken Egyptian sarcophagus that contains the son of Satan. Directed by Bruce Kessler and written by Michael Braverman, who created the show Life Goes On, this movie has Milland as an archaeologist who believes the Egyptians discovered America and Forsythe playing a religious man with a wife he’s disengaging from, leaving her all alone as he struggles with his faith.

That said, it’s also a TV movie and has a coffin that breathes, so there’s that. It also has “Dies Irae” on the soundtrack two years before The Shining.

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