Trip (2022)

Following her daughter Samantha’s (Jill Young) suicide by gouging her eyes out, Ally (Akasha Villalobos) hasn’t left the house, trapped by agoraphobia. Help may be here, as she meets Jan (Peggy Schott), a therapist who uses a hallucinogenic tea that allows her patients to speak with the dead, which will allow her to see Samantha one more time.

There’s a catch.

Now Ally can see so much more, like a masked man outside, a child with no mouth and a rage-filled Samantha who wants her to suffer the same eye damage — Fulci would love her! — that she died from.

It gets stranger.

Now her husband Michael (Major Dodge) is seeing the same things, yet they’re even more dangerous for him, thanks to The Abuso, an African eye-stealing demon who his daughter had been drawing before her death.

Directed and written by Neil McCay, Trip is a movie that realizes that if your budget is low, your ideas must go high. It’s the first full-length movie that he’s made and it really points to a strong future for his work.

Trip is available on Terror Films AVOD Channel now and will be released on digital May 20.

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