Haunts (1976)

Director Herb Freed (Beyond Evil, TomboyGraduation Day) wrote this movie with his wife Anne Marisse. They were inspired by the repressed memories he experienced after she saw a car accident.

It starts May Britt, who had stopped acting when she married Sammy Davis, Jr. After their divorce in 1968, she struggled to work her way back in to acting. She plays Ingrid Svensen, a Swedish farm girl — Britt was 42 when this was made — living with her uncle Carl (Cameron Mitchell) and trying to get past the memories of being molested by her father and the suicide of her mother. There’s also a masked killer stalking the small Northern California town she lives in, using scissors to mutilate its victims. Even worse, the town butcher continually assaults her, bringing back the horrific memories of her past abuse.

Yet this is not a straight giallo. It might even be an F-giallo. It’s definitely one strange film, one with no easy answers and even Mitchell said that it was “very strange” and he had no idea of the director’s vision. By the end, we’re left wondering if any interaction that Ingrid had was ever real. In fact, was she ever real?

I should mention right now that Aldo Ray is in this. I know some people that would be upset if I didn’t. You should read Bill’s review.

How this hasn’t been released by a botique label kind of freaks me out. It’s a slice of weirdness, one that completely has the bottom fall out by the end, then find itself with a haunting closing scene, filled with steam and entropy.

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