A Cold Night’s Death (1973)

Airing on January 30, 1973 on ABC, A Cold Night’s Death has a great if small cast — Robert Culp, Michael C. Gwynne and Eli Wallach — and a voiceover by Vic Perrin, the Control Voice from The Outer Limits.

Culp is Robert Jones and Wallach is Frank Enari, two scientists who have been assigned to the Tower Mountain Research Station as replacements for Dr. Vogel, who hasn’t been heard from in five days, with his final messages being near manic. Taking along a chimpanzee named Geronimo, the two only find a destroyed research station and no doctor.

As much The Lighthouse as The ThingA Cold Night’s Death reminds us that in the early 70s, TV movies rivaled drive-ins for frightening films made on a budget.

Director Jerrold Freedman also made Kansas City Bomber and The Boy Who Drank Too Much. The story comes from 20 Million Miles to Earth writer Christopher Knopf.

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