Knobby the Belwood Wampus Cat (1979)

R.C. Nanney shows up in four movies — other than this one — and they include Wolfman (a 3D movie made by Earl Owensby Studios, as well as their Hyperspace and two other near-regional slashers, Final Exam and Death Screams. Born in Cleveland County, North Carolina, R.C. was known as “The Rhythm Kid” on stage and Curly Lee on the radio. At some point in the 70s, R.C. bought land near his wife Sandy’s family in Knob Creek, a place where Knobby lives.

North Carolina’s own Bigfoot, Knobby is also referred to — at least in this movie — as a Wampus Cat, which is a half-dog, half-cat creature that can either walk like a man or a beast while having yellow eyes that can see inside your soul. That said, some claim that R.C. was the one to name Knobby. He’s definitely the one who made this movie, in which he appears and sings “The Knobby Song” in this shot on video film that was sold in tourist shops.

R.C. also made 1983’s Return of Knobby and 2005’s Knobbett, as well as screen printing his own Knobby merchandise. He told the Shelby Star, “I didn’t try to make any money. Big movie companies spend thousands of dollars with the expectations of getting more money. I spent $15 to $20 with the expectation of getting people to laugh and smile.”

In 2010, Tim Peeler saw Knobby and protected his dog from the creature by rough talking him and poking him with his stick before telling it to git. Knobby is still alive.

Sadly, R.C. passed in 2016. Yet he left behind this film, the attempt of a man to create some fun on the new magic of videotape — pretty advanced, when you think about it — and created a North Carolina version of The Legend of Boggy Creek, if one that’s even more raw and weird.

Don’t expect to find this on IMDB or Letterboxd. But watch it all the same.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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