Oedipus orca (1977)

La Orca told the story of Alice (Rena Niehaus, who also was in Angel: Black Angel and Damned In Venice so she had no issues with being in offensive films), who was taken against her will by three men, one of whom she fell in love with.

This is the sequel and wow, it’s…something. Alice sits around reading in the nude, which is intercut with slaughterhouse footage because Italian movies. Seriously, this movie looks Umberto Lenzi and Ruggero Deodato right in their eye stems and raises them to a level that made me skip lunch. Then, she decides to pursue an old lover of her mother’s — who is probably her father — while remembering the criminal who died because of her — and when they finally have sex, well — spoiler warning — he’s killed by a gigantic pane of slow motion glass in an ending I had to watch multiple times to make sure I actually saw it happening.

This film’s director was Eriprando Visconti di Modrone, Count of Vico Modrone, who upset his noble family by deciding to make movies. Often, he’d spend his own money and use unknowns, and he bombed as much as he was a success. But he made this, and it blew my mind multiple times because while not good, it sure is willing to show you some things that you definitely never needed to see.

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