La morte scende leggera (1972)

Death Falls Lightly begins when Georgio Darica (Stello Candelli) comes home from a crime-related business trip only to find that his wife has been killed. So his lawyer suggests that he grab his girlfriend Liz (Patrizia Viotti, Amuck) and head off to a hotel, but when he gets there, the owner (Antonio Anelli) has also killed his wife, so he asks him to help bury her, but then George remembers that the hotel was abandoned. So is he going insane? Are these people real? Did he actually kill his wife?

The next part of this movie gets absolutely ridiculous in the best of ways, as people appear, get murdered and come back to life, all while someone commits suicide on a Satanic altar, invisible killers attack George, prog rock blasts and a monkey shows up out of nowhere. It also has the absolute dumbest of all giallo police, which is saying something. Like, there’s a very low bar for giallo cops and these ones may be the worst.

Director Leopoldo Savona also made Byleth: The Demon of Incesthe same year, the same year I was born, which probably means something.

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