MILL CREEK DVD RELEASE: Through the Decades: 1980s Collection

Mill Creek made its name with box sets, so it makes me really happy that they’ve released several Through the Decades sets — see our 60s and 70s reviews here — and while they don’t have much in the way of extras, they also give you a great line-up of movies all for an affordable price. They’ve also given me the opportunity to watch several films that I normally would have never had the inclination to watch, which is always a great thing. I’ve actually added some big favorites to my list from the first two sets, so I was excited by this one.

The quality of the films are great even if there aren’t many extras. The best part is getting so many movies for a low price, which is why I’ve always loved these sets. As always, I got to see some movies that were blind spots for me that I wouldn’t have watched otherwise. Mill Creek needs to make more box sets like this one!

Click on any of the links below to read the full reviews for each film:

Like Father Like Son (1987) – An uptight doctor struggles to relate to his troublemaking, laid-back son until an experimental potion causes them to swap identities.

Vice Versa (1988) – A wish made upon a mysterious Tibetan artifact causes divorced executive Marshall and his son Charlie to switch bodies, and they both find the other’s life isn’t quite as easy as they thought.

Roxanne (1987) – C.D. Bales has always been shy because of his abnormally large nose. To win over his love Roxanne, he enlists the help of Chris, a handsome man who Roxanne loves. C.D. uses his gift with words to help someone else claim the love of the woman he adores.

Punchline (1988) – Steve Golden and Lilah Krytsick meet on the New York stand-up comedy circuit and become friends, helping each other improve their acts. But when a competition comes to town with a star-making grand prize, their friendship may be left in the dust.

Who’s Harry Crumb? (1989) – A hapless private investigator stumbles and bumbles along the trail if a kidnapped young heiress, managing to get closer and closer to solving the case despite making mistakes every step of the way.

Blue Thunder (1983) – LAPD Pilot Frank Murphy is assigned as a test pilot for the experimental Blue Thunder police helicopter, designed to pacify riots. But Frank soon begins to suspect there is more to Blue Thunder than he is being told.

Suspect (1987) -Defense attorney Kathleen and jury panelist Eddie Sanger work together to prove Kathleen’s client innocent in a murder case involving a judge’s secretary and corrupt officials.

Band of the Hand (1986) – Five teen criminals are shipped out to the Everglades, where a war veteran tries to whip them into shape by teaching them to survive in the Florida wilderness.

Little Nikita (1988) – On the hunt for a Soviet agent, FBI agent Roy Parmenter investigates the family of young Jeffrey Grant, whose parents are both suspects. Things get complicated when Roy forms an unexpected friendship with Jeffrey.

The New Kids (1985) -Orphaned siblings Abby and Loren move to Florida to live with their aunt and uncle to help run their amusement park. They soon find themselves at odds with a local gang of teenage ruffians, forcing them into a confrontation at the amusement park.

You can get this set from Deep Discount.

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