Strega (2019)

20XX: The leaders of Japan have regulated superheroes using a system called the Vector Card, giving a villain the chance to take over. But he didn’t count on working class hero Strega (also known as Gun Caliber) to figure out to hack the cards and save Japan.

That said, the man who is under the mask, Soma Kusanagi, has to get drunk and figure out his love life first.

Bueno, who directed this, as well as stars as Soma, Bueno, studied for years under Seiji Takaiwa  — Kamen Rider! — to be a tokusatsu hero, even if the film is quite funny.

Where most heroes — like sentai rangers and Kamen Rider — are virtuous, even when the city is being turned into monsters, Soma is still looking to score. It’s wild because this looks like the real thing and is played like it, so I felt the laughs were earned.

I also really liked how trading cards activated the various weapons that Strega uses. I only have one bit of advice. If you have kids who love shows like this, maybe make sure they don’t get the chance to see this until they’re older because they could be fooled into thinking this is a real show until, you know, the multiple sex scenes.

The credit is due to VFX director Kiyoshi Hayashi and Singapore artist Gideon J Goh, who designed the costumes. This looks cool as it gets and with each movie, Bueno and Garage Hero seem to be getting better.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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