The Amazing Bulk (2012)

$6,000 to shoot the movie.

Five days to make it.

$8,000 for music and effects, many of which came directly from stock photo websites.

And a movie that goes from live action on green screen to literally stock video running on top of itself, as a purple blobby man runs through green fields and past children playing soccer and leprechauns dancing.

I have absolutely no idea what Lewis Schoenbrun intended with this movie but wow. It takes a lot to make me just stare at a movie with my jaw fully dropped, but this one did it more than once.

Scientist Henry “Hank” Howard is working for General Darwin to develop a super soldier serum, but he really wants to marry the military boss’ daughter Hannah. However, he’s not permitted until he creates an invention that works. The pressure gets to him and he injects himself with the untested formula and turns into The Bulk.

There’s also a villain named Dr. Werner von Kantlove and his wife Lolita, who has a castle that the Bulk must destroy for the government, who reacts to his help by dropping a nuke on him.

Some people watch this movie and get mad about what a waste of time they think it is. For me, it’s joy, because the cover is great and some people have rented this and are unprepared for what they’re about to see. People should be surprised. Art should attack you. We all need a Xerox purple Bruce Banner Henry Howard running through the cartoony meadows of our nightmares.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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