Gun Caliber (2017)

20XX: Skulldier is taking over Japan but only one man stands in their way, the pachinko parlor employee by day, gun shooting vigilante by night known as Gun Caliber. And yet somehow, this Japanese tokusatsu action-comedy was really made by Filipino-Canadian director, writer and star Bueno.

It’s got a funny concept — superheroes all sell out to a corporation except for the scumbag Gun Caliber who is the only man left to save the world — but it doesn’t all completely come together. There’s so much CGI that it gets distracting at times, but through this movie, the superior sequel Strega emerged.

Basically, if you ever wanted to see Kamen Rider make sweet love and shoot people so much they explode, this is the movie for you.

You can buy the DVD from SRS Cinema or watch it on Tubi.

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