Che fanno i nostri supermen tra le vergini della jungla? (1970)

The title of this movie means What are our supermen doing among the virgins of the jungle? but you may know this movie better as Three Supermen In the Jungle, one of eleven films in the Three Supermen cycle of films:

There are attempts at continuity — one of the Supermen, Brad Scott (Brad Harris, The Girl In Room 2A) complains about how they were treated in the previous movie, the two years ago 3 Supermen in Tokyo except that he wasn’t even in that film — but the truth is these movies are relatively interchangeable, with the trio always kinda criminals forced to do good for the government.

Along with George (Jorge Martin) and Dick (Sal Borgese), this mission takes them to a uranium mine in the jungle and seeing how this is an Italian movie, you know that they’ll meet cannibals and white female gods to the natives, led by Jungla (Femi Benussi). Personally, I’m shocked that they didn’t beat a monkey into oblivion or murder a turtle just to prove themselves and where they’re coming from.

Director Bitto Albertini made a bunch of these films, as well as some aberrant madness like Escape from Galaxy 3Put Your Devil Into My HellReturn of Shanghai Joe and the original Black and Yellow Emanuelle films. Just the director to make what is basically a kid movie.

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