3 Supermen a Tokyo (1968)

The Supermen series — this is the second in the series — was such a big deal that the series would become popular in Germany and Turkey, with each country making their own remixes of the movies. This is shot Italian style — exteriors in Japan, interiors back home.

The only movie in the series — outside of the aforementioned localized remakes — to never make it to America, this one has the Supermen seeking a miniaturization weapon in Tokyo, which is an excuse to chase women and eat lots of food, including a fried chicken dinner that ends up being dog, perpetuating that horrible racist urban legend.

Bitto Albertini replaces Gianfranco Parolini as director, while the first movie’s Tony Kendall, Brad Harris and Aldo Canti are now played by Jorge Martin (who is also in 1970’s Supermen and 1973’s Three Supermen of the West), Willi Colombini (Pollux from the Steve Reeves Hercules) and Sal Borgese (Superbug, the Craziest Car in the WorldSuper Fuzz), not for the better. That said, when the miniaturization ray just turns the cast into kids, well…that’s pretty funny (and works in the budget).

Gloria Paul plays an enemy agent in this and was nearly Domino in Thunderball, so that at least gives this some Eurospy credit.

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