Superdragon vs. Superman (1975)

The Three Supermen series somehow has been remixed around the world, starting as an Italian superhero series, making its way to Turkey and now becoming a Hong Kong film also known as Bruce Lee Against Supermen.

When a Chinese scientist learns how to accomplish the grindhouse alchemy of making food from petroleum — maybe learn how to make food from something that’s less scarce than what you’re replacing, this is like turning diamonds into gold — some criminals kidnap him, so Green Hornet gets called in. He politely declines and sends Kato (Bruce Li), who sticks around long enough to send Carter (also Bruce Li) who dresses like Game of Death Bruce Lee.

Also, that’s not Superman that Bruce Li, not Bruce lee fights, but the Italian Supermen, except only one is in it. Anyways, you have to love a movie that outright steals Emerson Lake and Palmer’s “Karn Evil 9” for a car chase, because why not?

Also, Bruce Li has a love scene with Kraftwerk’s “Autobahn” playing.

You can watch this on YouTube or Tubi.

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