APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 2: Porky’s III (1985)

James Komack is best known for producing The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Chico and the Man and Welcome Back, Kotter. To be honest, him making the third in this series is a thankless job, as Bob Clark didn’t return. He could have just been quiet about coming on board, but he told the Los Angeles Times that when Clark made the last movie that he “failed to understand their own formula. Porky’s touched on reality, it presented a cross-section of adolescent sex life during a certain time frame. Bob apparently tried to elevate his big success and use it to portray a message. But the original was not a film about humanity; it was a film, pure and simple, about teen-age sex. The sequel, a whitewash of the original, didn’t play.”

As for Clark, he was interested but also busy directing Rhinestone. He wanted the time to think of a new story, but the producers hired Ziggy Steinberg to write the screenplay, which Clark hated. He was so upset that he refused to have anything to do with this movie.

During the semi-final basketball game, the cheerleaders promise the team an orgy if they win. This did not happen in the 50s. And so the film begins, bringing back Porky (Chuck Mitchell) and most of the cast — Nancy Parsons, who played Ms. Balbricker had lost a lot of weight since the first movie and only came back if she got a percentage of the profits — and has a new character in Porky’s daughter Blossom, who is in love with Meat.

As bad as the movie is, the soundtrack makes up for it. Dave Edmunds brought together Jeff Beck, George Harrison, Willie Nelson, Carl Perkins, The Crawling King Snakes (Robert Plant and Phil Collins) and The Fabulous Thunderbirds to create music that is way better than this movie could ever hope to deserve.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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