APRIL MOVIE THON DAY 2: Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987)

At the thirtieth anniversary of Revenge of the NerdsJulia Montgomery (Betty) revealed that she originally had a scene in this movie, but turned it down, as it had her cheating on Lewis (Robert Carradine) with a jock. She felt that after her character fell in love at the end of the first movie — never mind that whole weird assault thing — it just didn’t feel right to cheat on her nerdy man.

She was right and understood her character better than the filmmakers.

This was also the last time that Anthony Edwards would play Gilbert, as he shot all of his scenes in one day.

As for the rest of the Lambda Lambda Lambdas, they’re headed to Fort Lauderdale for the national fraternity convention. Yet even amongst their own brothers, the Lambdas of Adams College are attacked at every turn.

Now, they’re up against Bradley Whitford as Roger Latimer — finally Ted McGinley is the one getting replaced — and Ed Lauter, who has stopped bothering Charles Bronson to ruin the hijinks for our geektastic protagonists. And how did James Cromwell get cast in this?

That said, I do love that Ogre (Donald Gibb) joins the Lambdas, as well as James Hong playing Booger’s mentor, Edgar Poe “Snotty” Wong.

I guess you can’t expect the sequel to teen sex comedies to live up to the dream of the original. Then they made two more of these, including one where inevitably the nerds win and become the bullies they once hated.

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