CANNON MONTH: Master of Dragonard Hill (1987)

Oliver Reed is Captain Shanks, a drunken and rambling slave ship captain who is playing the exact role that he’s meant for!

Herbert Lom is Le Farge, who has murdered the governor and taken over the Caribbean island of St. Joseph’s!

Claudia Udy from Savage DawnJoy is Arabella, the sexually obsessive daughter who lusts after the slaves and any man around!

Eartha Kitt is Naomi. her business partner that runs the brothel on the island and who is starting a revolt.

Annabel Schofield from Bloodtide is Honore Juno, Le Farge’s wife who is looking to get into bed with anyone else!

And Patrick Warburton — yes, Puddy — is the Scottish nobleman who sexes everyone up and gets lashed in the public square with the brutal Dragonard whip!

So here’s where my confusion comes in. There’s 1988’s Dragonard with the same cast and this movie, but some people write online that they’re the same movie and others write that this is the first film and the 1988 one is the sequel. Still others claim that this is the sequel and the 1988 movie comes first, which makes no sense and then you say, “Well, Cannon did the same thing with Missing In Action and Mission In Action 2: The Beginning.”

Based on the series of books by Rupert Gilchrist, this was written by Rick Marx, who wrote the adult series Taboo, as well as Doom AsylumWarrior QueenGorOutlaw of Gor and Platoon Leader. That’s starting to make this a lot more clear, right? It was co-written by the film’s producer, Harry Alan Towers and oh yes, it all makes sense now. I was wondering why this all felt like something Jess Franco should have made.

It was directed by Gérard Kikoïne, who made adult films like Never Enough and The Tale of Tiffany Lust with Radley Metzger, as well as softcore movies like Lady Libertine and Love Circles, which definitely played Cinemax After Dark. He also made the Jekyll and Hyde riff Edge of Sanity which starred Anthony Perkins and the Robert Vaughn and Donald Pleasence-starring Buried Alive

So yeah — I think that this is the first film in the series, that there are two and that they’re so similar that anyone could make that mistake. I kind of love that Towers became part of the Cannon family at this point, making Lightning the White Stallion, GorPlatoon Leader, Outlaw of Gor and American Ninja 3 with the mainline Cannon continuity, then producing River of Death, Ten Little IndiansDelta Force 3: The Killing Game and The Hitman for the Ovidio G. Assonitis-led Cannon Productions. He also produced Phantom of the Opera and Dance Macabre with Menahem, so he played no favorites in the breakup of Cannon.

Seriously, he should have hired Franco for this one. It would have been so much sleazier. Hell, he should have hired Franco for the Gor movies while he was at it.

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