CANNON MONTH: Lightning the White Stallion (1986)

I can’t find this movie anywhere, but I’m petty mindblown by the fact that this children’s movie was written by Harry Alan Towers, a man who not only was part of an alleged vice ring with Stephen Ward, Peter Lawford and the Soviet Union, but also the producer and writer of several Jess Franco movies including 99 WomenThe Girl From Rio and Venus In Furs.

The husband of Maria Rohm may not be the first person I’d choose to write a kid movie about horses, but then again, I’d probably not think to hire William A. Levey, who made Wam Bam Thank You SpacemanBlackenstein and Skatetown U.S.A. either.

Then again, if only for the sake of having several obsessions of mine in the cast, I wonder if this movie was made just for me. I mean. Murray Langsdon and Susan George are in this.

Barney Ingram’s (Mickey Rooney) prize stallion Cloverdale III has been stolen by creditor Emmett Fallon, but the horse runs away and two kids end up with it and name it Lightning. Also, the girl is going blind like a Melvins song. Or maybe not. I don’t know, any time Mickey Rooney shows up I’m reminded how much he hated Silent NightDeadly Night and then ended up starring in Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toymaker.

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