Blackenstein (1973)

Look, this movie is horrible, but when I’m happy that it exists. That sentence could pretty much sum up nearly every movie that I write about on this site, right?

Writer and producer Frank R. Saletri had also planned Black the Ripper and while I’m confessing, I will say that I would totally watch that movie and probably love it. He also wrote Sherlock Holmes in the Adventures of the Werewolf of the Baskervilles and Sherlock Holmes in the Adventures of the Golden Vampire, movies that were supposed to star Alice Cooper as the man who lives at 221B Baker Street. However, he was killed gangland style in his home, a place where Bela Lugosi once slept. Probably in a coffin.

Doctor Stein (John Hart, who replaced Clayton Moore for one season in a Coy and Vance trick and we all know that that never works) has recently won a Nobel Prize for solving the DNA genetic code, which means that he can put body parts back on someone or make people look young. These things will come in handy, as Eddie Turner stepped on a land min back in the rice paddies of Da Nang and ended up coming back a torso.

Things go well, but Stein’s assistant Malcomb falls for Eddie’s woman Dr. Winifred Walker and so he sabotages the surgery, turning our hero into a cannibal Frankenstein with a huge afro. So how do you stop an out of control black Frankenstein’s monster? You just have some police dogs tear him apart.

At least they used the original Universal lab equipment.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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