CANNON MONTH: Detective School Dropouts (1986)

David Landsberg and Lorin Dreyfuss — the older brother of Richard — teamed for this movie and Dutch Treat and I have no idea who was clamouring for their duo to be in any films. They wrote and starred in this movie, which was directed by Filippo Ottoni, who wrote A Bay of Blood.

Three mob families — the Lombardis, the Zanettis and the Falcones — don’t want either of two of their children — Carlo Lombardi (Christian De Sica) and Catherina Zanetti (Valeria Golino, Gina Piccolapupula from Big Top Pee-Wee) — to get married, all while Landsberg and Dreyfuss, as detectives Donald Wilson and Paul Miller, try to keep their families from ending their relationship and lives, thanks to wildman killing machine Bruno Falcone (George Eastman, the only reason I stayed with this movie for so long; have I ever told you how much I love George Eastman?).

While I’m no fan of the slapstick in this movie, at least I can play spot the Italian actor. There’s Giancarlo Prete (Scorpion from Warriors of the Wasteland)! Hey it’s Western henchman Mario Brega! Rik Battaglia of Deported Women of the SS Special Section! Alberto Farnese from Scalps and the shot at the same time White Apache!  Voice of female giallo stars Carolyn De Fonseca as a tourist! Mickey Know from Cemetery Man! John Karlsen from Footprints on the Moon and The Church! Andrew Louis Coppola from Hands of Steel and Escape from the Bronx! Man, watch those movies instead of this one!

Humor is subjective and I’ve read plenty of reviews that love this one. Maybe it hit me wrong. That said, I aways love seeing George Eastman and it’s so strange to see him in a comedy.

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