CANNON MONTH: Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold (1986)

Made back to back with King Solomon’s Mines, this was directed by Gary Nelson, who also made Freaky Friday and The Black Hole, which is a pretty wild resume when you think about it.

Speaking of King Solomon’s Mines, Allan Quatermain (Richard Chamberlain) and Jesse Huston (Sharon Stone) plan to be married but Allan is restless. That’s when a man is chased by two masked men into Allan’s estate, only to be murdered later that night. Before that happens, he reveals to Allan that his brother Robeson (Martin Rabbett, Chamberlain’s long-time partner) is still alive and has found the City of Gold.

Along with Umslopogaas (James Earl Jones), Swarma (Robert Donner) and several Asari warriors, Allan and Jesse go on a new adventure where they discover the city, which leads to a battle between the good Queen Nyleptha (Aileen Marson) and the evil Agon (Henry Silva) and Queen Sorais (Cassandra Peterson, which is strange as she doesn’t speak and at this point, Elvira was already well-known).

In true Cannon fashion, most of the music for this movie is just Jerry Goldsmith’s score for King Solomon’s Mines along with only thirty minutes of original music by Michael Linn. And if that isn’t Cannon, how about the fact that Golan and Globus had no contact with Nelson until he screened it for them. Golan was baffled by the film, thinking he was getting to see Invaders from Mars. He never admitted to his mistake and told Nelson that the film was unreleasable. Nelson then walked down a hall decorated with Cannon posters, all of which were in his opinion unreleasable too.

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