Dreaming Hollywood (2021)

Director and writer Frank Martinez has put together a Hollywood filled with bad cops, drug dealers, prostitutes and social rejects. Ray Balfi (Turk Matthews) is an ex-con trying to get his cartoon made but deals with rejection after rejection. But what happens when a new movie is made from it without his participation?

Now Ray is out for revenge, the kind of getting even that is punctuated by music video sequences. Seeing as how he has no idea who has taken his work for him — after all, he sent the script to a hundred studios — that means that a whole lot of people have to pay.

Originally known as Fade Out Ray, I’ve seen this movie compared to everyone from Tarantino to the Coen Brothers, Kubrick, Wes Anderson and Pedro Almodovar, which feels like people were just reaching for directors and film styles to compare this to. As for me, I have no such comparisons or limitations that I want to put on Martinez, who really pushed himself to make something unique for a first film.

Dreaming Hollywood is available from Cleopatra Entertainment on all VOD platforms and will also be available on blu ray, along with a soundtrack CD, featuring the music of DMX and Onyx.

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