MVD BLU RAY RELEASE: Bryan Loves You (2008)

Shot in 17 days with a budget of $25,000, Bryan Loves You is a movie that truly surprised me. I usually can’t deal with found footage films, but this uses the form in a way that creates a story that couldn’t be told any other way.

After Tony Todd starts the film with a warning about what we’re about to see and how it could psychologically harm us, we learn about Jonathan (director and writer Seth Landau, who just directed Take Out this year), a psychotherapist who is concerned that a cult that worships Bryan has taken over his small Arizona town.

He’s right.

I wish that the film stayed in the first stage of the film, as we saw how the cult has taken over the town and established such a foothold on the people. Once it moves into the mental hospital, it loses a bit of steam, yet it finds its footing again with the psychodramas that have to be acted out as therapy.

It’s definitely not like any movie I’ve seen before as it plunges you directly into a world that feels fully formed. It’s frustrating that there’s so much world-building and we don’t get to see everything.

That said, there are tons of cameos in this. Everyone from George Wendt and Tiffany Shepis to Bobby Slayton and Brinke Stevens are in it. It’s not for everyone, but there’s something here. I’m not certain what that something is, I wish that it had been explored more, but I can’t say that I’m upset with the time I spent watching Bryan Loves You.

The MVD blu ray of Bryan Loves You is packed with extras, including new audio commentary from Landau and the 2008 commentary from the Anchor Bay DVD that features Landau, the cast and crew along with JoBlo critic James Ostar, Elissa Dowling and professor and religious expert Dr. Phillip Baker. There are also interviews with Wendt, Shepis, Stevens and Daniel Roebuck as well as a new trailer for the movie.

Bryan Loves You is available from JAL Smithtown and MVD Entertainment on March 22.

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