Dedicated to Jess Franco and Jean-Luc Goddard — man, talk about the literal furthest points apart — Austrian director Carl Andersen not only references the director, but uses an actress named Jessica Franco Manera who either was his daughter — which I think is complete kayfabe BS, as the only daughter I’ve seen listed for Franco is Caroline Reviere, his step-daughter from his marriage to Nicole Guettard.

That said, this movie feels like it could be one of his children, if he shot on black and white and had watched Begotten a few times while smoking jazz cigarettes. Manera plays Odile, who like a character from many a Franco movie has a sexual encounter with two showgirls and then loses all touch with reality, eventually finding her way to Elizabeth Bathory.

Andersen also made Vampiros Sexos, in case you wanted to know how much he loved Franco. And much like some of the darker trips Jess took, this movie seems determined to shock, so if anything offends you, perhaps you should consider this unwatchable. I mean it — there’s envelope pushing and then there’s setting the envelope on fire and shoving it up someone’s rectum (which I’m shocked did not happen in this movie).

The Cinema of Transgression doesn’t care if a movie about female vampires and menstruation and people urinating on the dead upset you, you know?

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