JESS FRANCO MONTH: Confesiones íntimas de una exhibicionista (1983)

While Lina Romay is listed as the director for this film, her husband Jess Franco has often said that this was done for business reasons. No matter — she’s the star here, basing this film on her book Memorias de una exhibicionista and appearing as Candy (Coster?), a girl who tells us all about her adventures.

This flirts with being hardcore — Franco remade it three years later as a full pornographic film El Mirón y la Exhibicionista — but it also has some interesting moments, as the one man who treats Candy well is gay and he’s both surprised that she didn’t get it and also sad that he’s the one man who has ever treated her with any respect.

It’s also totally another take on Sinner: The Secret Diary of a Nymphomaniac.

So here’s where this goes full Franco: Cathy once lusted after her sister, watching her take baths, sneaking nearby to watch her make love after her wedding, even joining in. And while that scene is pure porn fantasy fodder, what happens after isn’t. You never see adult films — well, Taboo, but I’m talking about today’s obsession with incest — tackle what happens after. The obsession that Candy felt for her sister went away when they finally touched one another and now, she’s lost and alone and without that feeling, she understands the void.

Then she meets her lover Kathy (Elisa Vela, Mansion of the Living Dead) and it all makes sense again, if by making sense you mean making love on stage in front of an audience. And then, she learns that even lust and sex and need can exist beyond death.

Look, sometimes you watch a movie and you see nothing but grainy ugliness where I see something else. We’re all different seeing different things and maybe my overexposure to Franco has burned a loving hole for Lina and Jess to live inside my frontal cortex and make it disposed to loving never-ending lounge music playing over gap toothed sex symbols, forever remaking the same stories until they become a saga.

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