JESS FRANCO MONTH: Lorna the Exorcist (1974)

Patrick Mariel (Guy Delorme) decides to take his perfect family to the south of France on holiday, but before long, his wie Marianne (Jacqueline Laurent) and his on the cusp of womanhood daughter Linda (Lina Romay).

Yet before they even depart, threatening phone calls start coming in to their home from Lorna (Pamela Stanford), a woman from Patrick’s wild past who is either or noth the reason for his success and someone who has transcended mortality and become a demonic succubus, as a Jess Franco character often does. The deal that she made in blood with Patrick has come due and now, she’d rather take Linda than anything else.

Stanford was also in Franco’s Succubus, but here she’s coating her face in tons of makeup and unleashing small crabs on her victims and you know, you can’t say that Jess Franco doesn’t try to make it weird, you know?

Franco made this movie for producer Robert de Nesle, who put it out as a clone of The Exorcist, as happened often in the 70s, then re-released it with inserts and called it Luscious Linda, as if trying to figure out what Franco movie is what, as the director also made The Story of Linda, AKA Captive Women, as well as Who Raped Linda?

And because this is Jess Franco, he remade this movie in 2002 as the shot on video Incubus.

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