JESS FRANCO MONTH: Mondo Cannibale (1980)

Also known as The Cannibals, Die Blonde Göttin, White Cannibal Queen*, A Woman for the Cannibals and Barbarian Goddess, this cannibal film — did you get the context clues — has director Jess Franco doing his best to make an Italian movie, what with Al Cliver (who is also in Franco’s Devil Hunter) and Sabrina Siani (Conquest, The Throne of FireQuest for the Mighty Sword) in the cast and its appearance as a category 3 video nasty.

Franco only did these movies for the money, but he still takes some time to make this film look halfway decent. He luckily has Siani as Lana, a girl whose mother was killed before she was kidnapped and made into, well, a white cannibal queen. Now, Cliver — her father — has to come back to the jungle and rescue her.

Franco wrote this with an uncredited Jean Rollin and co-directed it with Francesco Prosperi who made the aforementioned The Throne of Fire as well as Gunan, King of the Barbarians with Siani.

So while Franco disliked everything about this movie, I loved the slow motion blood and guts munching, the fact that the cannibals all looked like movie punks and that for being, well cannibals, they all wore very civilized looking sandals. It’s a good idea to have support and protection for your peds in the green inferno.

Also. Cliver only has one arm because these guys already ate it before, you know, killing his wife and stealing his daughter and turning her into their blonde goddess. Franco himself shows up in this and somehow, he has the worst dubbing of any character in the movie, which endears him to me even more and makes me think, well, at least everybody equally gets painted with the same brush.

You can watch this on Tubi.

*That’s the name R. D Francis reviewed this under when he did a Jess Franco triple feature.

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