GREGORY DARK WEEK: Stranger by Night (1994)

Gregory Dark has his best cast in this — well, you know, unless you count New Wave Hookers — movie in which detectives Corcoran (Steven Bauer) and Larson (William Katt) hunt for a serial killer. But as the killer continues leaving bodies in his bloody path, Corcoran begins to feel unstoppable rage and has blackouts. Even worse, the evidence that he and his partner start to uncover points to the frightening idea that one of them could be the killer.

Besides Bauer and Katt, Michael Parks is their boss, and Jennifer Rubin (Bad Dreams!) plays the psychologist that Bauer sleeps with when she isn’t working on his mental state (anyone in the therapy  business in a Gregory Dark film has no idea how to do the patient and provider distance rule properly). And hey! Ashley Laurence, Kristy from the Hellraiser movies!

This one breaks the format we’ve expected from Dark as while there’s sleaze, there’s not much sex. There are, however, flashbacks to just how horrific Bauer’s childhood was. And I get the feelng that Katt is loving getting to play his character.

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