Ghost Story: Episode 3 “At the Cradle Foot”

Don McDougall started his directing career in 1951 and worked on everything there was to make on TV. Cowboys shows like Cowboy G-Men, Rawhide, BonanzaBuffalo Bill Jr. and The Roy Rogers Show. Adventure like Jungle Jim and Mod Squad. Pop culture milestones like the Planet of the ApesSpider-ManKolchak and Star Trek. Even The Dukes of Hazzard and The Fall Guy.

For this episode of the stories of Winston Essex, he’s directing from a script by The Phoenix creator Anthony Lawrence and master of horror Richard Matheson.

Paul Dover (James Franciscus) has the worst dreams. The worst is the one where his daughter Emily gets murdered when she grows up. So he follows the clues of his dream and ends up in the city where he believes she’ll die. His mission takes a backseat to the love he finds with Julie (Meg Foster!), who runs the boardinghouse he’s living in and is engaged to the man who murders Emily in Paul’s nightmares.

These dreams have already cost Paul his marriage to Karen (Elizabeth Ashley, Windows) and left him with darkness hanging over him after he doesn’t follow those psychic warnings when he believed his father’s life was in danger. So when he sees a vision of Emily getting shot on a carousel by a man not yet born, then you understand why he wants to break up Julie and Ed, who will one day give birth to that killer.

This is one of the better episodes of this show and, as always, Sebastian Cabot is perfect as the storyteller.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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