GREGORY DARK WEEK: Body of Influence (1993)

Jonathan Brooks (Nick Cassavetes) is a successful psychiatrist whose life gets all screwed up because, well look — women will screw you up. I’m not being sexist. Far from it, in praise of women, no man will ever make me do the things that a woman can.

That mystery woman is Laura (Shannon Wirry) and yes, she has two personalities.

Cue the saxophones.

Cue the soft-focus sex.

Richard Roundtree shows up as Detective Harry Reems, which should remind you that hey, Gregory Dark directed this, like how Tiffany MIllion is in the cast.

I’m also always so happy to see Sandahl Bergman in any movie.

So — after a week of these movies, I can tell you that this isn’t Dark’s best, but it definitely has style. His movies look like Patrick Nagel come alive, with neon hues, marble columns and smoke.

Dark’s Animal Instincts had been a success and seeing as how Dark and Wirry both made this, it was released in England as Animal Instincts 2, which had to be confusing when Animal Instincts 2 came out. So in the UK, you may know this as Animal Instincts 3. I mean, you may be confused, but you may also be watching this with one hand.


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