Frankenstein: Une histoire d’amour (1974)

AKA Frankenstein 95 and why does Frankenstein have so many movies with years after its name?

Obsessed with creating life, Count Victor Frankenstein starts on animals, moves up to cadavers and freaks everyone out around him — his teachers, the lcoal government and even his own family — as he dreams of getting a real person to try out his experiments on.

Man, this movie is just plain weird and nobody is talking about it, but then I realize that it’s a made for TV French movie from 1974 so adjust your perceptions, Sam.

Also, besides morally disgusting everyone he meets, the other people that Victor knows — his foster sister, a village fool — want to have steamy, sweaty and probably chemically smelling sex with him. He’s also mentally bonded with the creature, giving everyone else in town psychic visions.

Or maybe, just maybe, he’s crazy.

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