Rock N Roll Frankenstein (1999)

A roadie named Iggy has dug up the bodies of the long-dead rock and roll stars, using the hands of Hendrix, the guts of Buddy Holly, the legs of Keith Moon, the penis of Jim Morrison and the head of Elvis. Where are the Plaster Casters when you need them?

Speaking of Elvis, we covered this back in our list of Elvis Fantasy Flicks.

I wanted to love this movie, but it just feels forced. The fact that Jim Morrison’s penis gets substituted for Liberace’s, which is shortly in conflict with the brain of Elvis, taking over his body and then murdering the men he makes love to sounds like a movie I should love, but this has the stench of a Troma film about it, one that is so proud of being so bad it’s good when it should aim for its cult status on its own strengths.

UK adult actor and director Ben Dover is in this and yes, I’m kind of ashamed — no, I’m not — that I immediately recognized him.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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