Frankenstein’s Army (2013)

An international co-production of the United States, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, Frankenstein’s Army puts zombie soldiers created by a descendant of the mad scientist against the Red Army at the end of World War II, all seen in found footage format.

Director Richard Raaphorst was frightened of Frankenstein’s Monster when he was young, so a movie filled with multiple creatures would have really freaked him out. While this movie has plenty of CGI, it also has more than enough practical FX and stunts. The look is great, a worn steampunk-esque world of rust, gore, meat and murder.

I’m not a fan at all of found footage and find it a silly gimmick outside of obvious masterworks like, well, Cannibal Holocaust is one of the few I can dredge up. The creature design in this, however, pushes this movie well beyond any concerns I have with the way that it was filmed. It’s a delight to take in all of these creatures. It looks like my high school notebooks come to life.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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