Freddy vs Dylan (2015)

So while we may have gotten Cemetery Man and Dylan Dog here in the United States, Italian horror fans like Denis Frison didn’t get enough and made their own movies like 2012’s La morte puttana and this 2015 mashup of Freddy Krueger and the Dylan Dog comics.

Dylan Dog is, after all, a “nightmare investigator.” So who better to seek out when you’re being hunted by “the bastard son of a hundred maniacs,” Freddy Krueger? But what if Freddy realizes who Dylan is and sees him as an arch enemy that needs to be destroyed so that he can keep on killing?

When you read the words “fan film,” don’t turn up your nose. This looks better than so many movies that have been sent to us as actual films for review. And the concept is absolutely perfect.

You can watch the entire movie here.

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