The Mildew from Planet Xondar (2015)

Ah, Necrostorm. What have you brought us this time?

Let’s go back to 1984, thanks to Hotel Inferno director Giulio De Santi and Neil Meschino (whose movie Mold! was retrofitted into this revamped gorefest). Bentan Labs has just created a mildew that can spread and consume any form of vegetation with the goal of deploying it to destroy the food sources of enemy armies. But to their surprise, they soon learn that the midew is actually a sentient alien being devoted to destroying human beings through the grossest and goopiest ways possible.

The scientists that have survived join with the mstyerious mercenary Toxic to try to escape. But trust me — it’s not going to be easy.

Less its own movie that a remix, it’s still got something for the folks who love to see bodies destroyed in geysers of gore and gristle. You know who you are, there’s no self help group for you and all you can do is just watch more of these things. So here’s one more, albeit one that is self-aware and realizes exactly what it is.

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