Dawn Raid (2021)

One of the best things about doing this site is that I learn about things I’d never know otherwise.

Like New Zealand hop hop.

Dawn Raid Entertainment was started by Andy Murnane and Brotha D and the label includes stars like Savage, Mareko, Adeaze and Aaradhna. From humble beginnings selling t-shirts on the streets of South Auckland, Andy and Brotha D formed a legendary partnership that would enjoy worldwide success.

Oscar Kightley’s first full-length film, this movie moves quickly and involved me in a story and life that I had no idea I would have any interest in. Thats the hallmark of a great filmmaker and an interesting piece of art. So while I may never listen to anything Dawn Raid has released, I could see the passion and drive they had to change their lives and the lives of everyone around them.

Named for the 70s raids that targeted Polynesian immigrants to New Zealand, this hard scrabble label made its share of mistakes — Andy and Brotha D are more than open about some of the not-so-great choices they made along the way — while also finding surprising success.

With quick cut animation, great insight from artists and even family members connected to the label, as well as the authentic and honest remembrances of the label from its founders, this is a movie worth watching.

Dawn Raid is available on demand and digital from Universal Pictures. You can learn more on the film’s official site.

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