Bigfoot vs. Illuminati (2020)

If you find a weird movie on Tubi that sounds like another movie, chances are that BC Fourteen wrote and directed it. Fast and the FurryPetsTrollingAvenger Dogs ChristmasTrump vs. the Illuminati. I’d like to think that he is an active artificial intelligence making these things based on slips of paper fed into him by an army of small children trained at birth to know what trends will be hot. Also, he’s from Pittsburgh, which makes me wonder so many more questions.

Most of those questions are about this movie, which has a clone of Van Helsing and Bigfoot being brought in to defend the Earth from the Illuminati, who have recruited Aleister Crowley in the body of an alien. And it’s all computer animated. I honestly can’t believe this thing exists and wonder if it was made specifically for me to find.

Also Dr. Jekyll is one of the good guys fighting the lizard aliens. And Stalin is in it. Plus Egyptian God of the Dead Anubis.And everyone human looks like Master Chief.

There’s also Bigfoot vs. Megalodon which has the furry guy against a robot Nazi shark.

More of these movies now.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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