Camp Cucamonga (1990)

This movie knows my weaknesses and exploits them.

TV movies. Summer camp romps. Movies with stars of network television.

Marvin Schector (Cheers star John Ratzenberger) has opened up a new summer camp, a place where his daughter Ava (Jennifer Aniston) has a job for the summer and meets cut with a tough kid named Roger played by Brian Robbins from Head of the Class. His wife is played by Dorothy Lyman, Naomi from Mama’s Family and man, this article is going to turn into me geeking out over what shows each of these people come from.

Well, let’s see:

Chad Allen is from My Two Dads.

Candace Cameron Bure is from Full House and I once had a job ghostwriting her tweets about tuna, so I have that going for me.

Josh Saviano (Marilyn Manson) and Danica McKellar are from The Wonder Years.

Jaleel White is Urkel.

And Sherman Helmsley is from Amen and The Jeffersons.

I can see why Breckin Meyer is in this and why Mr. Dewey from Saved by the Bell (Patrick Thomas O’Brien) and Playboy February 1988 Playmate of the Month Kari Kennell and Melanie Shatner — who is in Bloodstone: Subspecies II and III — were in this, but G. Gordon Liddy?

Director Roger Duchowny also made episodes of That GirlThe Brady Bunch and The Love Boat, which probably helped in the filming of this movie. It was written by Bennett Tramer (KidcoWithout Warning, many Saved by the Bell episodes and yes, the inspiration behind the name Ben Tramer in Halloween) and Rich Melcombe, the creator of the Grudge Match syndicated series.

I mean, if you want a great summer camp comedy, there’s always Meatballs. If you want to spend some time with your favorite TV characters, there’s Camp Cucamonga.

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