We love getting new people on board here at B&S About Movies and have come up with a really simple way for you to be part of our site.

All April long, we’ll have thirty themes as writing prompts. If you’d like to be part of it, you can just send us an article for that day to bandsaboutmovies@gmail.com or post it on your site and share it out with the hashtag #BSAprilMovieThon.

Just think — you have several months to get ready to share your thoughts with us and be part of our film community. We can’t wait to see what you write.

Here are the themes!

April 1: Go ahead, fool us — Whether this movie has a literal fool in it or a funny person known for acting ridiculous, start the month off with something silly.

April 2: Teen comedies for adults — Remember the days of frats, gratuitious nudity and horrifying revenge framed as harmless pranks? Tell us about that movie!

April 3: Failure at launch — A big movie debut ruined by the reality that no one wants to see that actor, actress or director.

April 4: Ripoff — A shameless remake, remix or ripoff of a much better known movie. Allow your writing to travel the world (we recommend Italy or Turkey).

April 5: Roger Corman’s birthday — You have a few movies to choose from, whether Corman produced, director or was involved in them.

April 6: Jackie Chan — Whether it’s a police story, a drunken fighter or even one of his more recent films, we want to celebrate Jackie all day.

April 7: Think of the children — Pick a movie that was controversial for how potentially damaging that it would be to the children who are our future.

April 8: Day of silence — The Day of Silence is a campaign that seeks to shed light on what many LGBTQ youth experience daily. Share a film that explores those themes.

April 9: National Unicorn Day — Yeah, there’s a day for everything. Share a movie that stars a unicorn.

April 10: Seagal vs. Von Sydow — One is a laughable martial artist. The other is a beloved acting legend. You choose whose movie you watch, it’s both of their birthdays.

April 11: Mr. Crowley — The number eleven symbolizes the union of the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos, as the sum of the 5 and the 6, being the 5 related to the Pentagram and the 6 related to the Hexagram. So, 11 joins the meanings of both the correlations and means the All*. Even if you don’t believe in love under law and all that, just write about an Aleister Crowley-related movie.

April 12: 412 Day — A movie about Pittsburgh (if you’re not from here that’s our area code). Or maybe one made here. Heck, just write about Striking Distance if you want.

April 13: (Evil) Plant Appreciation Day — It ain’t easy being green. Pay tribute to all the plants with a movie starring one of them.

April 14: Viva Italian Horror — Pick an Italian horror movie and dig into the pasta sauce and gore.

April 15: Good Friday — You don’t have to go to church but you do have to watch a religious-themed movie.

April 16: Ladies First — Write about a movie with a strong female lead.

April 17: TV to Movies — Let’s decry the lack of originality in Hollywood. But first, let’s write about a movie that started as a TV show.

April 18: Drop A Bomb — Please share your favorite critical and financial flop with us!

April 19: Pre-1950 — Let’s go back in time and discuss a movie made a long, long time ago.

April 20: Screw the Medveds — Here’s a list of the movies that the Medveds had in their Golden Turkey Awards books. What do they know? Defend one of the movies they needlessly bashed.

April 21: Lugosi Love — What’s your favorite Bela Lugosi movie?

April 22: Earth Day Ends Here — Instead of celebrating a holiday created by a murderer, share an end of the world disaster movie with us. But seriously, treat the planet right!

April 23: Embarrassment — What movies do actors or directors not put on their list of credits? Let’s dish.

April 24: Reincarnated (and it feels so good) — Hey it’s Shirley McClaine’s birthday, so let’s write about movies that have a reincarnation theme.

April 25: Fads — Lambada. Disco. Garbage Pail Kids. What’s your favorite fad-related movie?

April 26: Oh Giorgio! — Pick a movie with a Giorgio Moroder score. Here’s a list to get you started.

April 27: Lost Comic Book Movies — Forget the MCU. Let’s talk about superhero movies that no one is talking about.

April 28: Alan Smithee — IMDB has 115 movies credited to the Alan Smithee pseudonym, which was created by the Directors Guild of America for use when a director doesn’t want their name on a movie.

April 29: Movies with Friday in the Title — TGIF. So pick a Friday movie and share it with everyone.

April 30: Drugs, Drugs, Drugs — Close us out by getting us super high and sharing your supply.

We can’t wait to see what movies you choose!

*Thanks, Thelemapedia.

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