Beyond the Bermuda Triangle (1975)

Also known as Beyond This Place There Be Dragons and wow, what a high minded title for a TV movie — this movie is all about Fred MacMurray as a yacht sailing daddy who falls for a gold digger who actually loves him, including a long speech about the first time they made love and how he finally knew what it was like to be a man and you know, all the negative reviews of this movie can go jump in a Bermuda Triangle because this movie is all about old man loss and yearning, including a professor whose wife disappeared and he was afraid to go into the door into another dimension to find her.

There’s also a great speech about being a dreamer, as well as Donna Mills showing up and a young Dana Plato, which also makes me wistful and sad. This was her first acting job.

Sure, it’s languidly paced, but we all live inside now and maybe we need time to reflect on a place that used to take trophy wives from would-be sea captains and men of industry.

Director William A. Graham started in TV back in 1958, so he probably made something you’ve seen, like Birds of PreyGuyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim JonesThe Last NinjaCalendar Girl MurdersElvis and the Colonel: The Untold Story (he also directed Change of Habit, Elvis’ last fictional movie), The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer and Death of A Cheerleader.

This movie was produced by Playboy Productions, which brought 76 productions to large and small screens, including And Now for Something Completely Different, the Oliver Reed version of Fanny HillSaint JackYoung Lady Chatterley II (I have so much to say about that one), the mind-destroying Playboy’s Roller Disco & Pajama PartyA Summer Without Boys and so much more.

This YouTube link is amazing, because not only does it have the movie, but it’s a CBS Late Night Movie complete with commericals for Shirley Jones steaming hot dogs and The Manitou!

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