A Summer Without Boys (1973)

Ellen Hailey (Barbara Bain) is going through a divorce, so she takes her daughter Ruth (Kay Lenz) to a summer lodge sort of like Dirty Dancing, except they both want to get horizontal with the handyman (Michael Moriarty) who has a bad leg that keeps him out of the war. Man, divorce and world wars and Michael Moriarty pounding it out with a mother and daughter? Loving it.

This was directed by Jeannot Szwarc, who made Jaws 2 and Bug, so they’re not all bad. Then again, he also made Code Name: Diamond HeadSupergirl and Santa Claus: The Movie, so maybe they are.

You know, sometimes I just let these TV movies roll all day and pretend that it’s the early 80s and I’m home sick from school and that I’m allowed to watch as many TV movies as I want which I do believe is the perfect day.

Then I have to do some work because life isn’t as good anymore.

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