JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Ossessione fatale (1991)

One of the intriguing things about Joe D’Amato is how often the women in his movies turn the tables on the men, whether through supernatural, emotional or sexual (or some combination of them all) ways. Emanuelle and Francoise is a great example, as even though things don’t necessarily work out all that well for the lead, she does get her revenge — twice — on George Eastman’s character and ultimately is the winner of their battle of wills.

Filmed in New Orleans, Dangerous Obsession is the story of Tony, who has lost $10,000 in a poker game and has just 24 hours to pay back his debt. To do so, he agrees to steal a sports car and kidnap Liza (Carmen Di Pietro, War Baby), a television host. Of course things work out as they do in a D’Amato movie and they’re attracted to one another, so they end up baking the potato, as they say, but this also works out like a D’Amato movie as she drugs Tony, handcuffs him to ger bed and makes him her sex toy effectively turning the tables on the expectations of the viewer.

Even when Tony is released, he’s still in love with her. Her mental state is obviously deranged, but Tony knows — that’s pretty much the kind of drugs you can’t get anywhere else.

The really strange thing about 90s D’Amato is you never know if you’re going to get a movie where he just knocks out a paycheck or one that has interesting camera angles and feels like an effort. This would happily fit into the latter and is on the level of the first Eleven Days, Eleven Nights movies.

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