JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Un bounty killer a Trinità (1972)

The Carlo Croccol-directed Black Killer provided the majority of the footage for this movie, supplemented by pickups from Oscar Santaniello, who was there in name only, as the real director was Aristide Massaccesi, the man we know as Joe D’Amato. He also wrote this story, which is all about Jeff Cameron’s* bounty hunter being hired by the town of Trinity to protect them from a gang of bad hombres.

Here’s to the Bounty Killer, who says things like “the man who makes my coffin hasn’t been born yet” and makes $10,000 for the job plus $2,000 per dead body and any bounty he earns, which is why he carries a stack of wanted posters everywhere he goes. The Bounty Hunter also has a crossbow that fires explosive arrows, but that’s just movie magic to match up with the end of Black Killer, as a Native American girl has a similar weapon.

That movie had Klaus Kinski going for it. This does not.

This was shot at Cave Film Studios, which was a Western set built by actor Gordon Mitchell in the early 70s in the sadly dying days of the Italian Western. Gordon lost tthe title to the land, which he had earned in place of a salary for a movie he filmed, because the Italian courts said that foreigners couldn’t own land. The property was seized by the government and the town set was destroyed.

*His real name is Goffredo Scarciofolo.


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