JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Hard Sensation (1980)

Joe D’Amato made an effective women’s revenge film with Emanuelle and Francoise, but this is in no way as good as that film. Another film from that burst of 1980 island-based adult films*, this one has four gorgeous young women take an island holiday, only to have three criminals — with writer George Eastman as the only one that has goodness in him — attacking them.

What sets this apart from every Italian movie — and several D’Amato ones like 1991’s Devil in the Flesh — is that there are hardcore scenes in between, which means that yes, I will see Mark Shannon nude again.

Of the actresses in the cast, Anj Goren would also appear in a few other D’Amato Carribean films like Sesso Nero and Porno Esotic Love, which was edited from the superior Black Cobra Woman. Dirce Funari one of the doomed actresses in the snuff sequence in Emanuelle in America and is also in Escape from Women’s Prison. And Lucia Ramirez appears in all of the D’Amato Carribean films.

*Erotic Nights of the Living DeadParadiso Blu and Porno Holocaust are also examples.

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