Red Pill (2021)

In the wake of films such as The Purge franchise, the box office hit Get Out, the failed The Hunt, and the recent Candyman reboot, sociopolitical oriented horror films are coming to streaming more often, and this feature film debut by actress Tonya Perkins is the latest (Martha from AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead and Ethel Peabody from the CW’s Gotham). She brings along a cast headed by Ruben Blades and Kathryn Erbe (TV’s Law & Order: Criminal Intent) for a film that’s been embraced by the festival crowds for 22 wins in various disciplines.

Many of those festival critics compare the film as a cross between the 90s found-footage harbinger The Blair Witch Project meets the early 70s British folk horror, The Wicker Man, as ​six, upper-mobile progressives from New York head into the rural, suburban south for a “Get Out the Vote” canvas before the 2020 presidential election. Messages regarding the “real-life horrors” of systemic and inherited racism and white privilege, follows.

If you’re a fan of Jordan Peele’s Get Out and you’re up for a film that examines white vs. black issues, history lessons on slavery roots, questions regarding white supremacy, that liberal whites need to “wake up,” and don’t mind a little opinion-bashing of Republican-leaning folks within a horror film context, then there’s something to watch in the intelligently-written and directed frames by Tonya Perkins pulled together by her skilled cast. That being said, her currently-in-production, second features film, The Zombie Wedding – that deals with the sociopolitical issues of the first-ever “interracial” wedding between a human bride and zombie groom – is a film to look forward to in 2022.

Gravitas Ventures releases Red Pill to various streaming platforms this December. Others films from the shingle we’ve reviewed over the past few months include Bigfoot Famous, Downeast, Eye Without a Face, Marathon, the documentary, PTSD: The Walking Wounded, and the Sound of Violence.

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