Portal Runner (2021)

15-year-old Nolan (Sloane Morgan Siegell) has discovered a secret family legacy. Where you or I may get some china or nice silver, Nolan gets a portal that enables him to travel to parallel worlds.

It’s not all good. That’s because an entity named Evil is chasing him through those timelines, included the one he’s stuck in right now. It’s Christmas, he has an older sister that doesn’t exist in any other dimension and he realizes that unless he gets her on his side quick, everyone may end up paying the price for his travels.

Directed by Cornelia Duryée — whose godmother and mentor was A Wrinkle in Time author Madeleine L’Engle — and written by J.D. Henning and Tallis Moore, this film is family-friendly with some dark moments from its villain.

Portal Runner can be seen worldwide on Prime Video, Apple TV, Google Play, Kings of Horror, TubiTV, Roku, Film Freaks, Microsoft Movies & TV and Jungo+ from Kairos Productions and Terror Films.

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