Eye Without a Face (2021)

You have to give it to the filmmakers for that title. I mean, that took balls.

Writer/director Ramin Niami is behind this story, working with his daughter Tara Violet as camera operator. It’s about Henry, an agoraphobic resident of Los Angeles who has learned how to hack into the webcams of women all over town. He sees himself as their white knight as he watches them live their lives. His roommate Eric, an actor and influencer, wants him to head out into the real world and yet has no compunctions over getting to uses his male gaze on these women.

Henry also believes that one of the girls is a serial killer. So there’s that.

Naimi was inspired by this high tech film by a story he heard on the radio, stating “I heard about a female college student who found nude photos of herself on the Internet. The FBI discovered that her webcam was hacked and that a fellow college student had taken these images when she was changing in her college dorm room in revenge because she had rejected him for a date. This story inspired me to create a modern Rear Window.”

That’s a high bar to shoot for and this film may not reach it. But hey — it’s a great goal.

This was a hard watch considering how much the way men behave has been publicized. It’s difficult to feel any sympathy for an incel like Henry or a lothario like Eric.

Eye Without a Face is available on demand from Gravitas Ventures. You can learn more at the official website.

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