Sound of Violence (2021)

Alex Noyer made the documentary 808, which was all about the Roland TR-808, the drum machine that has been at the root of so much hip hop and pop music. He also wrote and directed a short called Conductor, which was about a music engineer who helps a young musician create music for a once-in-lifetime competition.

Inspired by that film, Noyer has created Sound of Violence, which is an incredibly unique take on the slasher. It’s the tale of Alexis Reeves (Jasmin Savoy Brown), who was deaf until witnessing the murder of her family when she was ten years old. This devastating event awakened her synesthetic abilities and a musical ability that is fueled by the literal sound of violence.

While she works on her career as a teacher and enjoys a loving relationship with Marie (Lili Simmons), she keeps everyone unaware of the dark secrets behind her musical gifts. Yet when faced with the prospect of losing her hearing again, she’ll do anything to stop that from happening.

Alexis can see colors inside music thanks to the neurological condition synesthesia, which she first discovered when she murdered her brutal father as a child. Now, she continues enjoying those swirls of color due to her musical collages of fighting children, mayhem and pain. Yet once you get addicted to a song or to creating them, you can’t stop. You need a bigger high. And Alexis is headed down a path that may doom anyone close to her.

Sure, it may go over the top when Alexis discovers how to create all manner of complex torture devices that tie into her ability to compose music while tearing human beings to shreds. Yet in a time when most streaming slashers seem content to toss some synth music and 80s clothes on while replaying the same bad cliches of the end of the genre’s best years and proclaiming themselves as bold throwbacks.

This is a high concept movie with acid trip visuals and no small shortage of gore all united to create one of the most unique slashers the form has seen in decades. It’s not perfect, but it feels like a dramatic step forward and I can’t wait to see what Noyer creates next.

Sound of Violence will debut on cable and digital VOD May 21 from Gravitas Ventures.

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